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H. Pistorius & Kie

H Pistorius & Kie is the oldest supplier of agricultural lime in South Africa. We supply agricultural lime (also known as aglime) across South Africa since 1944. H Pistorius & Co are also directly involved with agricultural lime regulations.

The company H Pistorius & Kie was founded in 1944 by Hendrik Pistorius, born in 1917. At H Pistorius & Co we pride ourselves in delivering the best quality agricultural lime to South Africa as well as being the oldest agricultural lime supplier in Africa.

Corn fields in harvest

Original Providers of Agricultural Lime in South Africa

Several agricultural regulations have been implemented due to initiatives taken by H Pistorius & Co. The most important regulation is that a resin analysis must be displayed on any agricultural lime registration. The resin analysis refers to ENVIS: Effective Neutralization Visible In Soil


The resin analysis highlights to the problem that some agricultural-limes resolve 100% in the traditional strong acid test method (HCI – 5000 time stronger that soil acid), but as little as 11% dissolve in soil.


H Pistorius & Co has also been actively involved in lime research.


Our lime-resources are well located in South Africa and are primarily used in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga. Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Free State.

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