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 H. Pistorius & Kie

Original Providers of Agricultural Lime

The oldest supplier of agricultural lime in South Africa

Established in 1944

H Pistorius & Co is the oldest supplier of the best quality agricultural lime in South Africa. We supply agricultural lime (also known as aglime) across South Africa since 1944. H Pistorius & Co are also directly involved with agricultural lime regulations.

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H. Pistorius & Kie


Suppliers of agricultural lime products in South Africa


Dolomite is essential for agriculture. It is used as fertiliser as well as to balance the pH levels of the soil. 


Calcite (CaCO3) is often used for agricultural purposes as fertiliser or to manage the pH levels of the soil.


Gypsum plays an essential part in agriculture and helps the soil to better absorb water. It also helps to improve the quality of fruits and vegetable crops.

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Some of the best Agricultural Lime products in South Africa.

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